Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada | Paris, France

University of Western Ontario, ACS
New York University, SE - Film & Motion Picture


Jakob de Boer was born in Toronto in 1974. Following a post-graduate study at NYU film school, he spent a large part of his professional life immersed in the world of motion pictures, drawn by the use of imagery to evoke emotion.  Jakob’s shift into photography marked a turning point in his career, emerging out of a life-long search into our relationship with the world around us.  This significant transition was affirmed with a sold-out show the first time he exhibited his work.  This was followed by an early recognition of his work by a number of private collectors, as well as by Leica, for whom he became a prototype tester.  Jakob’s work has covered a number of subjects but ultimately, it comes back to one theme: our connection to the past. His series include: The Whispered (a study on Masters from around the world), Breath, Origin and Soul (an epic journey exploring the world of the Haida).

Each of Jakob’s prints is made from a large format negative that becomes a silver gelatin print, hand-made in Paris in collaboration with a team of Master printers with whom Jakob has trained for several years.  The result are prints of great subtlety and tonality.

Jakob’s work has exhibited in various venues including exhibitions in Florence, the World Expo in Milan, Canada, Germany and Leica galleries around the world.